Life Projects introduction to the Alchemy of Leadership 13/09/2019

Life Projects is an organization close to the heart of Merluno. Alchemy is the central theme within the organization. It literally means the chemistry of the all, the interaction between you and the power of the elements of nature. It is about living your full potential and leading accordingly.

Life Projects organized a theme day on 13/09/2019 during which an introduction of Alchemy of Leadership was given, followed by a networking event. Ben Poelmans, co-founder of Merluno, is one of the driving forces of Alchemy of Leadership & Business in cooperation with Life Projects.

Our CEO Tom Dekkers was one of the guest speakers, together with Christophe Degrez, CEO of Eneco. Both shared their story about their own path and the role of Alchemy of Leadership in it.

Curious to know more about Life Projects? Visit their website here.