Heleen van der Meulen


Hi, my name is Heleen and I always joke that I accidentally started working at Merluno in 2015. What I actually mean is that Merluno inspired me in an unexpected way because they wanted to bring ‘something more’ to the business world. I was honored to be a part of deepening the meaning of ‘that something’ more throughout the time.

Today as an organization we stand for what we believe and help companies in their growth, not only to the outside, but also towards themselves. It is in that second part that I am an expert. What is the essence of your company? How can ‘who you really are’ be the compass in your organization,  your go-to-market strategy, etc.

To help companies reveal that part of themselves, I spend a lot of time developing the connection with myself through traveling, reading, wandering through nature & discovering the world. My husband, who I also met at Merluno, is the one who grounds me while my cat Monti makes sure our house in Edegem is a warm and welcome place to find rest & peace.