Stephan Hellemans


For me, the magic happens when people are treated as the most important factor in every decision made. My name is Stephan and today I manage all supporting services that are non-core business. We cannot do anything for our clients if the water is not running or the printer does not work.

My sole mission in life has been to support people in their strength. At Merluno, I do that every day. Whether it’s paying the bills, running to the store or strategizing about our finance & invoicing policy… I create a foundation where people feel safe and happy in their jobs.

Being one of the first employees of Merluno, I am proud of the pioneering role we always played on all level of entrepreneurship. Not only towards our customers, but also how we inspire, train and activate our consultants to help our clients live their true market potential. We are a group of busy bees, always there for each other. That attitude does not stop when I go home, where I have fun with my two sons and start building my next invention!